Youth killed as tractor overturns

Youth killed as tractor overturns

PUNE: A tragic incident has come to light at Borkarwadi in Baramati Taluka wherein a youth lost his life when the tractor he was driving, overturned. The incident took place on Wednesday, May 24, 2023 around 3pm. The Vadgaon Nimbalkar Police have registered an FIR of sudden death in this matter 

The deceased youth has been identified as  Akash Subhash Borkar (25). Akash's elder brother, Akshay Borkar, has filed a complaint at the Vadgaon Nimbalkar Police Station.   

As per police information, Akash was driving his tractor (MH 42 BJ 0697) along the embankment in Land Group No. 289, which falls within the purview of the Borkarwadi village. Apparently, Borkar had taken the tractor to his field in the morning to cultivate sugarcane. The small tractor was carrying sugarcane. According to the police, the tractor was unable to take the excess weight of the cultivated sugarcane on the rough terrain and it suddenly skidded to the shoulder of the embankment. Allegedly, Borkar  was unable to wrestle the tractor back under control and it toppled over, pinning him beneath it. 

However, as Akash was manning the tractor alone, there was no one around to help him and he could not get out from beneath the tractor. Around 3pm, the women who were working in the nearby fields saw this and ran for help. However, by then, Akash had already succumbed to his injuries. His elder brother Akshay informed the police about the unfortunate incident.  

Post which, the police have registered an FIR of sudden death. Police officer Rupesh Salunkhe is conducting a further in-depth investigation into this incident

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