Asilo Pune makes its presence felt in P-Town, specifically at the Westin Pune in Koregaon Park. It is a surreal experience where tropical maximalism meets the town's subliminal gastronomical spread!

WHAT: The Asilo Pune formerly Mix at 36 is a journey worth embarking on...  WHY: Asilo Mumbai is a landmark spot for patrons of fine dining has come to town and exhibits all signs of becoming our next go-to evening out...  WHEN: Our foodies explored one of the newest hotspots in town!  WHERE: Asilo Pune, 36/3-B, Mundhwa Rd, Koregaon Park Annexe, Ghorpadi, Pune 411001 HOW'S THE TEMPERATURE? Warm n' welcoming paired with the stellar music, sheek vibe and some of the finest cocktails — this place has it all!  ARE YOU BEING SERVED? Uh-huh. Their staff is prompt, knowledgeable and attentive — but then we expected nothing less from The Westin Pune! As for their spread, they keep the food journey interesting!  COME, KNOCK ON THEIR DOORS between 5pm and 1am. CALL ON 'EM AT   +91 74149 84027 CHECK, PLEASE? A meal for two is tagged at ₹6,000 inclusive of taxes, minus alcohol. @dcnpune #VERDICT?  Our culinary explorers believe that the @asilopune checks all the boxes as far as exceptional cocktails, plush ambience, historic nightclub property, scenic lounge and phenomenal fare is concerned! 

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