Humiliated by women, autorickshaw driver commits suicide, FIR registered

Humiliated by women, autorickshaw driver commits suicide, FIR registered

PUNE: An incident has come to light wherein two days ago, an autorickshaw driver jumped into a quarry in Dhanori. The deceased autorickshaw driver was assaulted by the neighbours by entering his house after he abused under the influence of alcohol. Later, he committed suicide by jumping into a quarry after being humiliated and assaulted by women.


The autorickshaw driver has been identified as Ajay Shivaji Tingre (42), a resident of Dhanori village. His wife has lodged a complaint with the Vishrantwadi police station in this regard. Accordingly, police have registered an FIR against four people, including Navnath Hanumant Tingre.


As per the information given by the police, Ajay Tingre works as an autorickshaw driver. On the night of March 23, Ajay came home under the influence of alcohol. At that time, he stood in front of the house and started abusing. After that, Ajay went to the house and slept. The next morning, the neighbours forcibly entered his house, assaulted him while he was sleeping, and brought him out of the house. Ajay's wife pleaded with them not to assault him, but they continued to assault him, and when people started gathering, they left.


Ajay Tingre then left the house. He was followed by his daughter and Soma Geram. But he was humiliated as he was assaulted by women in the village. In a fit of rage, he jumped into a quarry on the Vishrantwadi-Dhanori road and ended his life. An FIR of abetment to suicide has been registered in the case. An in-depth investigation is being carried out by the police.

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