Jupiter Hospital is detaining woman even after discharge, alleges Rugna Hakka Parishad

PUNE: The Rugna Hakka Parishad has alleged that a woman patient has been detained at Jupiter Hospital in Baner even after her discharge. The hospital billed her ₹18 lakh. The patient’s family members paid ₹10.5 lakh but the hospital authorities have refused to send her home because the balance has not been paid. 

The woman had been admitted to Pulse Hospital in Thergaon for delivery. There was heavy loss of blood during the cesarean operation. Since she was infected with dengue, she was admitted to Jupiter Hospital. The woman’s kidneys were not functioning and lungs had stopped working. A huge blood clot had developed in her urinary bladder. After ₹3.5 lakh was paid, an operation was done to remove the clot. A sum of ₹10.5 lakh was paid by credit card and borrowing money from relatives and friends, the woman’s husband said. Their child was admitted to Surya Hospital where they were billed ₹6 lakh. 

The family does not have the resources to pay the remaining amount of the bill. The relatives of the patient have alleged that the hospital is not allowing the woman to go home because ₹7.5 lakh remain to be paid. The President of Rugna Hakka Parishad, Umesh Chavan, and General Secretary Rahul Tupere have threatened to launch a stir to ensure that the remaining bill is waived off. 

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