Paediatric population down with fever, cold and cough

PUNE: Due to the range of viruses in the air, school children are contracting viral infections. Most schoolers are down with fever, cold and cough twice or thrice in a single month. 

The rising cases of illness amongst children are on the rise. Apart from fretting parents, it's causing a concern to the city paediatrics too.

It has also become difficult to find a bed for hospitalization due to the growing number of cases. Since the child can get infected again after a previous bout, paediatricians have urged parents and schools to ensure that an ill child remains at home for at least 10 days. 

Dr Sachin Shah, Chief Paediatrician, Surya Mother and Child Hospital, said, "Since mid-July we have at least 100 paediatric groups patients at the hospital. Most concerning is that the critically ill child may not get a hospital bed. Therefore, to break this cycle, we are appealing to parents and schools to let the child remain at home for at least seven to 10 days if s/he is sick." A wise call, this! Considering the cycle of infection doesn't show signs of abating, and is a contributing factor as to why children are getting infected twice or thrice a month. 

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