Pune district wastes 13.86 per cent of Corbevax

PUNE: Corbevax is a precautionary vaccine, which can be taken by adults who are already done with dose of Covisheild or Covaxin. Moreover, Corbevax is used as a booster dose by adults. However, Pune district has observed a major drop in Covid cases wastage of vaccine has been reported in district .As per the reports, Pune has highest number of Corbevax wasted which is around 13.86 per cent.

Just in Pune district only 1,054 Corbevax vaccines are been used. The maximum number of Corbevax doses been taken is reported in Latur followed by Jalgoan. Few places like Palghar and Wardha have reported zero doses of boster taken.

Health officials added, "There is less awareness about the Corbevax among people." The central government has assured that Corbevax is a precautionary dose but still people are not keen about taking the vaccine.

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