Pune youth issues a research paper on Corona treatment in Oxford Medical Journal

PUNE:- Entire world has been experiencing the effects Corona Virus. But the severity of virus has been decreased upto certain extent after vaccination. A youth in Pune named Shubhankar Ambike has completed a research which suggests the need to prevent production of RNA in host body.

According to his research, the DNA in every cell contains instructions for making proteins and other essential elements. The messenger to make these protein is called RNA. Corona Virus already has RNA molecules ready. After entering host body virus uses RNA transcriptase to make duplicate copies. But by his research it is possible to actually prevent virus from making RNA molecules and stop it's replication in host body. 

Shubhankar Ambike is a Dr. at the Technical University of Munich in Germany. He was student of Bhave School, Modern College and National Institute of Virology (NAV). Now he is working on patent of this particular research  and later on devloping a Antiviral Drug.

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