Rainfall deficit: Pune district reports 77 per cent pre-monsoon rainfall deficit

Pune: Pune district has reported 77 per cent pre-monsoon rainfall deficiency between March 1,and May 27, informed the Indian Metrological Department (IMD).  For Pune City, pre-monsoon rainfall deficiency is as high as 37.7 millimetres during the same time. Overall, Maharashtra has also reported a deficiency of 62 per cent, as per IMD. Anupam Kashyapi, Division Head, Pune Weather Forecasting Department, IMD Pune, said, "Pune city will continue to witness cloudy weather, but chances of rainfall is less. As per the forecast, cloudy skies are likely over Pune city till the end of the month (May). However,  chances of rainfall are slim to nothing. The day and night temperatures will be around 36°Celsius and 26°Celsius respectively in the next few days."  With a huge deficiency in the pre-monsoon rainfall, meteorologists suggest that monsoon may not begin with all its vigour. Even though the southwest monsoon had reached Andaman before its due date, the advancement of the monsoon has since seen a delay. IMD had earlier predicted that  monsoon will reach Kerala by May 27. However, on Friday,  IMD noted that the southwest monsoon has further advanced into some more parts of the South Arabian Sea, Maldives and adjoining areas of Lakshadweep and some more parts of the Comorin area.  

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