Risk of Swine Flu in Pune increases

PUNE: Along with the state, the risk of Swine Flu (H1N1 Virus) has increased in Pune as well. This year around 40 per cent deaths are reported in Pune District due to Swine Flu. Within a span of eight months, Pune district has reported 770 cases of Swine Flu. As per reports, in Maharashtra, 98 people have lost their lives due to Swine Flu, of which, 33 are from Pune District itself.

The number of patients getting affected because of H1N1 is highest in Pune. Dr Pradeep Avate, State Surveillance Officer, said, "All the festivals should be celebrated with due care as there is a high-risk of people getting affected." He also suggested that "those who have influenza-like symptoms should not step out in crowded places and get medical advice."

The Health Department has advised everyone to wear mask. Especially, the high-risk patients with Blood Pressuee and Diabetes should strictly follow the norms.

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