Thousands of dead fish wash to the banks of the Jambhulwadi lake in Pune

Thousands of dead fish wash to the banks of the Jambhulwadi lake in Pune

PUNE: It has come to light that three to four tonnes of dead fish were seen floating on the banks of the Jambhulwadi Lake, this Friday past. Usually, the lake adds to the beauty of South Pune. However, with this incident, the question regarding the safety of the lake has once again risen to the surface. What's worse is that the stench of dead fish has created a health problem for the residents in the area. Adding to it is the fact that during the day, the drainage water from the increased human settlement is released into this lake. It shows the indifference of the irrigation department and the municipal corporation. Due to the contaminated water entering the lake, the water has an oily tinge and smells foul.

The Jambhulwadi Lake, which has been newly included in the Pune Municipal Corporation, has always been a hotbed of discussion.  What's more, the lake has not yet been transferred from the Irrigation Department to the Municipal Corporation. 

Now, after the security issue arises, the irrigation department and the municipality have been indulging in the blame game. With this policy of the Municipality and Irrigation Department, a picture emerges of a the lake that has been neglected. Last year, a similar incident of fish death had taken place in this lake. Once again, the incident has been repeated.

It has been alleged by the residents that the fishermen put a drug or powder into the water to catch the fish. The dead fish rise to the surface and they harvest the said fish for sale.  

The residents insist that the fish died due to this drug that has been thrown into the lake. In the meanwhile, the migrant workers were seen thronging to the lake to collect the dead fish from the lake.  

The locals also expressed hope that the situation will change after the transfer of the lake to the Pune 

Municipal Corporation.

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