Unruly mob at Bramha Suncity assaults youth for taking Live on Instagram cruelty meted out to stray dogs, FIR registered against perpetrators

PUNE: An unruly mob of approximately 50 people gathered together at the gate of Bramha Suncity in Pune, to catch stray dogs and beat them with sticks on Sunday. Of them, 12 persons proceeded to assault a youth and a young woman who had been posting videos of this animal cruelty on Instagram. Allegedly, they roughed him up and then snatched his iPhone 14 while he was in the middle of taking Live the said cruelty on Instagram. 

Not only was the young man severely  assaulted, so was a young woman friend who was in his car. The perpetrators haven't returned his iPhone as yet. Allegedly, they also damaged his car during the assault. This incident took place on Saturday near Brahma Suncity MPH Hall, around 1.30pm. An FIR has been registered at the Yerawada Police Station in this matter.

The FIR has been registered against Swapnil Holkar (45), Nitin Nigam (40), both residents of Brahma Suncity in Vadgaon Sheri as well as 10 women. In this matter, Nitasha Pankaj Saxena (35), a resident of Viman Nagar has filed a complaint.  

As per police information, Nitasha Saxena and her friends Kapil and Soumya were invited to the home of a common friend, Kamya Patel. The trio was travelling to Brahma Suncity in Kapil's car.

As they neared Brahma Suncity, they witnessed an unruly mob of 40 to 50 people gathered around to catch stray dogs. Some of them were wielding sticks. Shocked by this scene, Kapil immediately started an Instagram Live. That is when Swapnil Holkar and Nitin Nigam noticed the filming and caught Kapil. 

Allegedly, they forbade him from capturing the said incident on Instagram and then proceeded to severely assault him. During the course of the attack, Holkar even snatched Kapil's iPhone 14, and hasn't returned it as yet. Purportedly, 10 women who were a part of the mob also assaulted Nitasha. 

It has also been mentioned in the complaint that the doors on both sides of the car were damaged during the attack.

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