Central Railway to install audio alert units in EMU rakes of local trains

Central Railway to install audio alert units in EMU rakes of local trains

MUMBAI: In an attempt to increase passenger safety and prevent local train accidents, collisions and derailments caused by human errors, the Central Railway (CR) is installing audio alert units in the driving cabs of local trains, that is, EMU rakes.

This alert system, installed inside the motorman's coach, will provide warnings about red signals during local train operations. Audio alert devices are being installed inside the motorman's coach of local trains to indicate when the next railway signal is red. This prompts the motorman to bring the local train to a complete halt, as stated by rail officials.

According to information received from Central Railway, these alert devices are already being installed in 90 EMU rakes out of a total of 151 EMU rakes held in the Mumbai division. This audio alert device, costing ₹18,000 per rake (₹ 9,000 per cab), will function as follows: after the train passes a 'yellow' signal, an audio alert announcing that the 'next Signal is red; be careful' will be given to the motorman. The provision of audio alert units will help prevent SPAD (Signal Passing At Danger) incidents and accidents on the railway line. The remaining 71 rakes will have this audio alert device installed by March 2024.

The Indian Railways consistently adopts the latest technology to ensure the safety of train operations. With the Mumbai suburban network being one of the busiest networks in the world, this audio system, alerting the motorman about an impending red signal, will enhance and strengthen passenger safety. 

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