Relief for motorists, CNG price cut, MNGL CNG to be cheaper by ₹4 and Torrent CNG by ₹5 per kg

PUNE: In a relief to motorists affected by price hikes, MNGL Company's CNG will be cheaper by ₹4 per kg and Torrent Company's CNG will be cheaper by ₹5 per kg. It is said that this decision has been taken due to the decrease in the purchase price of natural gas.

MNGL has decided to reduce CNG price by ₹4 per kg in Pune, Pimpri Chinchwad and surrounding areas from August 17. A kg of CNG will now cost ₹87. Currently, the price is ₹91 per kg.

CNG retail price for CNG stations in the Pune district of Torrent Gas Pune Limited has been decreased from ₹92 per kg to ₹87 per kg. This change will be effective from midnight on August 16, 2022

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