Current politics of Maharashtra now to be a magnum opus, circa 2023, fans of political potboilers will see 'Chanakya', a saga of conspiracy and betrayal on the silver screen

PUNE: Filmmaker Nilesh Navlakha, who has commented on many political transitions such as political upheaval, drama of power play, betrayal in Maharashtra politics for the past four to five months is now all set to unveil his magnum opus Chanakya in 2023. 

For the unversed, 'Chanakya', is a 70MM commentary on the current state of politics.  Navlakha has released the poster of the movie on Twitter with an intriguing tagline: 'No matter how big the eclipse of conspiracy and treachery, it cannot stop the sun of victory!'.

The filmmaker tweeted the poster on the occasion of  Vijayadashami with an in-your-face tweet: "Best wishes from Chanakya's team on Vijayadashami!"

When 'DCN' contacted Nilesh Navlakha, the filmmaker confirmed that "we are soon bringing a film in which we comment on the current state of politics in Maharashtra. This movie is titled Chanakya and it will be released in the theaters in 2023." 

Incidentally, Navlakha has previously produced films such as Shoola, Fandry and Rakshasa.

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