Defence Research and Development Organisation develops armed manless boats

PUNE: Technology plays an important role in modern warfare. Hence, the Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO) based in the city is engaged in inventing new products or technologies. DRDO conducted a test of three manless armed vessels in Bhama Askhed dam. 

These boats are used for keeping a watch, patrol sorties and naval security. Because of these boats, the possibility of human casualties is quite less. Since there is no human on the boat, the video feed goes to the ground control station. Research Group Director PM Naik said that this boat will play a useful role. The boat can carry out a sortie in four hours. The speed of the boat is 10 nautical miles per hour. 

DRDO has used a special technology to safeguard the boat. If the boat is captured by the enemy, the indicator boards will automatically get destructed. No important or secret information will be leaked to the enemy. 

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