PMC to confiscate abandoned vehicles

PMC to confiscate abandoned vehicles

PUNE: The Pune Municipal Corporation had started taking action by confiscating the vehicles parked on the road. 1100 vehicles seized by the encroachment department will be scrapped. The process of pricing these vehicles for scrapping has been initiated. The encroachment department had seized more than 100 vehicles in the first phase of the operation. Some of the vehicles were claimed by citizens. Notices were sent to the other citizens to take away the remaining vehicles.

The municipal corporation had also clarified that if the citizens do not claim their vehicles in time as per the law, these vehicles will be auctioned. Still, around 1100 vehicles are under the custody of the encroachment department.

Madhav Jagtap, head of the anti-encroachment department, informed that the price of dismantling them is being determined. Action is also being taken against vehicles that are abandoned and have been lying in dust for years.

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