PMPML bus catches fire

PMPML bus catches fire

PUNE: A fire broke out in a bus at the Upper Depot bus stand. Thanks to the quick thinking of the bus driver, it was extinguished on the spot.


A fire engine was dispatched from the Gangadham Fire Station as soon as the news of the fire breaking out was reported around noon. 

The fire was brought under control with water as soon as it was noticed that the front portion of the bus had caught fire in the engine. The bus was plying on the route from Upper Depot to Swargate, and the bus driver, Vishwas Kilje, brought the fire under control by using two fire extinguishers available at the bus stand.


Fortunately, zero casualty or fatality was reported as there were no passengers on the bus. No one was injured in the incident. The exact cause of the fire is unknown. The Gangadham Fire Station fire officer Sunil Naiknavare, driver Nilesh Kadam, along with personnel Jitendra Kumbhar and Adinath Mohite were involved in carrying out of this operation.

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