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Pune MPSC students get creative in their protest against Chandrakant Dalvi

PUNE: There is a political movement of the MPSC students in Pune. However, discussions have started that political leaders will now participate in this political movement and some people's representatives have held a meeting with MPSC students at night. Therefore, since this movement has taken on a political undertone, the MPSC students have begun to display their displeasure. 

On behalf of the Yuva Sena, public awareness is being spread about this movement. Along with the MPSC Commission, a banner has been mounted against Chandrakant Dalvi, wherein a dog is depicted in Dalvi's arms and MPSC Commission is inscribed on the caricature of the dog. Some academies are also mentioned in this banner trampling upon the future of the students.  

Interestingly, this banner has also revealed factionalism amongst the MPSC students. 

The MLAs in power had met the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister several times in this regard. However, as the problem was not resolved, the students have become aggressive again.

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