Passengers asked to disembark from a GoAir flight after waiting for 40 minutes at the Pune airport

PUNE: After sitting for 40 minutes in a GoFirst Pune to Delhi flight at the Pune airport, 135 passengers  were asked to de-board from without offering any sort of explanations. When the passengers asked the crew members about this, they were asked to leave the plane saying that the ground staff would inform them about it.  The incident took place at the Pune Airport on Thursday afternoon. But naturally, the passengers expressed their ire. The flight was scheduled to take off for Delhi at 5.45 pm from Pune and expected to reach Delhi by 8pm. After all kinds of checks at the airport, the passengers boarded the plane around 5pm. However, the plane didn't take off even after 5.45pm. The passengers were not offered an explanation about the inordinate delay. Moreover, adding insult to injury, they were asked to disembark 40 minutes after they had boarded the airplane.  "What's worse, even at the airport terminal, there was no explanation forthcoming from the ground crew," said a livid passenger. The airline asked passengers to travel on flights departing at 11.50pm on Thursday. While some opted for that option, others cancelled their ticket and left the airport with a refund. Some decided to take a flight to Delhi on Friday.   "We were sitting in the plane for almost 40 minutes. No reason was given at that time! After disembarking, it was said that there was a technical glitch in the plane. Aren't the concerned airlines checking this before taking off? It's infuriating!" groused an annoyed passenger.  

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