Woman alleges police constable raped her, Chandan Nagar registers an FIR

Woman alleges police constable raped her, Chandan Nagar registers an FIR

PUNE: An incident of sexual assault has come to light wherein  a police constable allegedly raped a woman. An FIR of rape has been registered in Chandan Nagar police station against the said police constable. However, this case has turned into a She said/He said situation with both parties casting aspersions and accusing each other.

The police constable has been identified as Rahul Ashok Maddel (42), a resident of Nana Peth. 

According to the complaint filed by a 40-year-old woman, she had gone to the police station to lodge a complaint. However, the police constable, who came across as friendly initially, propositioned her. Fearing that her son and husband might be implicated in a false case, she allowed him to take her to a lodge in Kharadi and other places and had physical relations with the accused.


However, Police Constable Maddel had a tale of his own to narrate wherein he has alleged that the woman extorted him for ransom. In turn, he has lodged an extortion complaint against his accuser. 

According to him, the woman, a resident of Bidi Kamgar Colony, allegedly increased contact and befriended him (Maddel). Thereafter, from time to time, she took ₹2.35 lakhs for purchasing a home. When he demanded the money back, the woman threatened to file a false rape charge and defamation case against him. 

According to the complaint, she took ₹1 lakh from Maddel through Google Pay, after which she demanded ₹5 lakhs to withdraw the complaint.

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