A boy rapes his friend's sister multiple times at different lodges in Khadki

PUNE: In a shocking turn of events, a class 10 student of a reputed school in the Khadki area has gotten pregnant after being raped by her brother's friend. A young man, who is a friend of her brother's, forced her to have intercourse, and this left the young girl, who is now four months pregnant. The concerned youth has been arrested.

The victim, a 16-year-old girl, has filed a complaint in this case. Taking advantage of the acquaintance made by the friend, the accused took her to a lodge in the Khadki area on the pretext of having a chat with her. The boy forced himself on the girl in this lodge.

This happened four to five times at different lodges in the Khadki area. He had threatened the victim girl that if she told anyone about this, he would not leave her mother and sister. The victim was 4 months pregnant when it all came to light. Khadki police are conducting a further investigation.

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