Burglars break into the home of a family, who were in Mumbai for their son's funeral and steal foreign currency, gold ornaments encrusted with diaminds, worth ₹8.53 lakh

PUNE: Burglars broke into the house of a family who had gone to Mumbai for the funeral of their son who'd died because of a heart attack. There was a break-in at the Vasant Vila, a bungalow at Deccan Gymkhana. During the heist, burglars stole foreign currency,  gold ornaments encrusted with diaminds worth ₹8.53 lakh from the bedroom wardrobe. An FIR has been filed at Deccan Police Station in this matter. Deepali Pradeep Talim (44), a resident of Tatyasaheb Talim Road, Deccan has filed a complaint in this matter. Deepali Talim's parents live in the Deccan Gymkhana area. Her brother, a senior officer in a bank,  was posted in Mumbai. Four days ago, he passed away because of a heart attack in Mumbai. Deepali and her parents went to Mumbai for his funeral. During the time the family was away, burglars broke into the bungalow, which had been closed for four days, they ransacked the cupboard in the bedroom and stole the valuables worth ₹8.53 lakh along with an expensive wristwatch, foreign currency, gold and diamond jewellery.

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