Man stabs two notorious criminals to death at Yerawada

Man stabs two notorious criminals to death at Yerawada

PUNE: An incident took place around 3am on Saturday, wherein two notorious criminals were allegedly killed at the Pandu Laman settlement in Yerawada. Interestingly, the police were aware that the incident took place due to an earlier dispute by the same group.


The two deceased victims have been identified as Anil Walhekar a.k.a. Popat  and Subhash Rathod a.k.a. Kisan. It is reported that sword and scythe were allegedly used as weapons during the murder-kill.

Senior Police Officers rushed to the spot as soon as they were informed about the murders. As per the information provided by police, Subhash Rathod had an argument with a man named Shankar Chavan in the locality over an earlier dispute. Chavan and his companions stabbed both Anil Walhekar and Subhash Rathod to death with sharp weapons when an argument purportedly broke out on the midnight of Saturday for the same reason.

Many of their cohorts were also seriously injured in the incident. An FIR has been registered at the Yerawada Police Station.

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