Murder He Wrote: Man kills wife, blames son; police uncover truth

Murder He Wrote: Man kills wife, blames son; police uncover truth

PUNE: The Shiroli murder case of yesterday has taken a dramatic turn. It has now been revealed that the real killer was the husband and not the son who had  done away with the lady of the house — simply because she refused to sell the farm. In a bid to deflect attention, the husband placed the blame on their son. 

According to the police complaint filed by the husband, their son asked his mother for money to buy tobacco. However, when she refused to give him the money, in a fit of rage, the boy had allegedly bludgeoned his mother to death with a shovel. 

After his father, Barku Sakharam Khilari, had filed a complaint at the Junnar Police Station, the police had arrested Amol Barku Khillari (23). However, in a shocking turn of events, it has been revealed that it was the father who had committed his wife's murder.  

The real story apparently is that Barku wanted to sell the farm but his wife, Anjana, was against it as the livelihood of the family depended upon it, considering they had two dependent children.  

Therefore, enraged, Barku picked up the shovel and bludgeoned his wife to death. During the time of the murder, their son, Amol, was present in the house. Taking advantage of this fact, Barku filed a complaint with the police.  

However, after a thorough investigation by the police, the real murderer was revealed.

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