Police apprehend mastermind sextortionist responsible for death of two youths

Police apprehend mastermind sextortionist responsible for death of two youths

PUNE: They say it takes a village to raise a child. But apparently, in the Alwar district of Rajasthan, it takes an entire village to protect a sextortionist. Just like the webseries, 'Jamtara', it has been revealed that an entire village in Rajasthan was involved in the racket of sextortion.

The Pune police arrested the mastermind behind the suicide of two youths. However, this time, an entire village attacked them when they went to make the arrest. 

Apparently, the youths were being sextorted by allegedly sending them obscene videos and photographs of being caught in the act. So when the police went to that particular village to investigate the case, the villagers attacked them by pelting them with stones. They put up a strong opposition of the police taking any action. Moreover, they aided and abetted the accused in running away.  

However, even in that situation, the police chased the accused for two and a half kilometers without caring for their personal safety. In the end, five mobile phones have been seized from the accused.  

The arrested accused has been identified as Anwar Subhan Khan (29), a resident of Gurugothdi, Dist. Laxmangarh, District Alwar, Rajasthan.  

Interestingly, most of the children and women of that village are involved in the online business of sextortion. In fact, all of them received special training by Anwar Subhan Khan. 

Furthermore, the investigation has revealed that the number of citizens being blackmailed by calling them on their mobile phones and demanding ransom from them is the highest in this village.

Last month, a young man, Shantanu Vikas Wadkar (19), a resident of Dattawadi killed himself. Investigation revealed that he was a victim of sextortion. Allegedly, a message was sent on Shantanu's Instagram ID from one Pratha Yadav. Purportedly, half naked photos of Shantanu were posted from her ID. 

The accused accepted ₹4,500 from him through the PhonePe app by threatening to make the photographs viral. Anwar Subhan Khan began harassing him by repeatedly demanding money. Tired of this constant torture, Shantanu took an extreme step and jumped off his building on September 28.  

Earlier too, another young man, Amol Raju Gaikwad, a resident of Dhankawadi committed suicide due to the same reason.

The police received information that this sextortion racket was being run from a village in the Alwar district of Rajasthan. Even after the police team that went to arrest the accused, they were pelted with stones. However, the police did not give up and arrested the accused and brought him to Pune.

This action was taken by Sub-Inspector Akshay Sarvade, Police Personnel Kashinath Kolekar, Jagdish Khedkar, Anup Pandit, Surya Jadhav.

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