Thieves flee with CCTV footage and 302 boxes of liquor, get arrested

PUNE: The accused who had stolen 302 boxes of liquor worth approximately  ₹26 lakh by drilling a hole in the wall of the liquor warehouse at Hadapsar has been arrested by the Police.

Allegedly, the accused had fled with stealing CCTV footage of the warehouse. 

The main accused in the case of Bibhishan Kale is absconding. However, the arrested accused have been identified as Atish Bondar (26), Sagar Mastud (28) and Tanaji Choughule (38). Considering the CCTV footage was stolen, the police conducted a technical analysis at toll plazas and solved the crime. 

After interrogation, the accused have revealed that they had drilled the big hole in the wall of the warehouse and after loading the liquor boxes in the truck, they escaped. 

The Police had seized the liquor boxes, which they had stored in the farms at Kanherwadi and Andora villages. The police have also seized inventory worth approximately  ₹50 lakh from the accused,  including 110 liquor boxes and a truck from their possession, while searching for the other items.

Bibhishan Kale, the accused in the crime, is a criminal on record of the Osmanabad police, and a total of nine cases of theft, forced theft, burglary, murder, assault on a government servant have been registered against him. 

Search for the rest of the accused is on, and there is a possibility that more accused and such crimes will be revealed by them.

An FIR  was registered under IPC Section 454, 457, 380 at the Hadapsar Police Station. 

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