Woman registers a case of molestation against a Koregaon Park businessman

PUNE: A case of molestation has been registered against a businessman in Koregaon Park. The complaint about this issue was filed at the Koregaon Park Police Station by a woman working in his company. The crime occurred from August 27 to date.

The accused has been identified as one Aniket Ravindra Varti, a resident of Koregaon Park. A 28-year-old woman has filed a complaint in this matter. According to the police, Varti owns a company and the victim was as an office-bearer in his company. The accused  began sending her WhatsApp messages repeatedly on her mobile number and he constantly called her.

Tired of this harassment, the woman handed in her resignation papers on August 27. However, then he allegedly began calling the woman when she was on her way home with her friends but she refused to accept the calls. When she did not respond, the accused Aniket Varti went to the woman's house. He started knocking on her door. When the woman did not open the door, he began to shout loudly and abused her in obscene language. After that, he verbally molested herl and sent obscene messages on her phone. 

A further investigation is being conducted by Police Inspector (Crime) Deepali Bhujbal.

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